Monday, October 27, 2008

Scotch Eggs @ The Wombat

Wow, what a crazy week already, and it's only going to get better. To kick off the first ever Free Lunch Week I'll post about brunch to get things rolling. Remember, the rules of Free Lunch Week are that you're free to eat whatever you want this week. Let me know what you get and if you'd recommend it to me. Don't worry about the impending economic doom or the slowing of your metabolism and you get older.

The Wombat is an Down-Under themed restaurant/bar serving Australian riffs on American cuisine in East Williamsburg. Looking at their menu I saw Scotch Eggs, which I have never had, so it seemed the obvious choice. For the uninitiated, scotch eggs are hard-boiled eggs encased in sausage and bread crumbs. They are deep fried and served with a sweet and savory mustard sauce. Also, they're awesome. Eggs, pork, and fried all equal a happy brunch customer.

What did you eat?


Falcon Steele said...

yo b! you need to be eatin up in them monkey brains! ya erd me! brains, son! brains!!!

karen said...

oh yum, this grilled farmhouse cheddar sandwich with oodles of sundried tomatoes, really is delicious. paired with some crazy technicolor cauliflower sauteed with garlic, and salvaged baby arugula, i'm in against-the-rules sandwich heaven. :)