Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Best Restaurant Website Theme Music

I spent a morning chatting with my friend one hang-over Sunday a while back and we went through every nYc restaurant's webpage we could think of until we found the best theme muzak we could find. Hands down, this site has the undeniable groove that keeps you coming back for more. Hmmm, I've never eaten there though. What does this groove make you hungry for? Take a gander at the menu and see what looks good to you. I have some ideas but will wait for everyone to weigh in first. What looks good to you? More importantly, have you heard better restaurant theme music to make you chow happy? Let us know!

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Laser McNeal said...

What are Topneck and Littleneck Clams? I guess I don't know as much about seafood as I often boast. This looks like a pretty good menu and I agree awesome muzak. I've actually never heard of anyone eating Skate. Once again this might show my true lack of seafood knowledge. I think you should try that.