Monday, August 18, 2008

Fired Cheese Curds @ The Twisted Spoke

While visiting my friend in Chicago I made a mandatory stop over at The Twisted Spoke, the biker brunch bar/restaurant famous for it's Smut and Eggs, a Saturday night event from midnight to 6am which involves porn being shown on TVs in the bar area and a full brunch menu. I didn't make it out for all the free porn, but I did get to go for one of my favorite Bloody Marys the following Sunday morning. This Bloody involves an impressive flag consisting of cocktail onions, pepperonicinis, olives, and 2 folded slices of salami, all topped with fresh grated romano. And for a kicker they give you a 6 oz. beer back.

Obviously there's a whole meal in the drink itself, but we decided to eat a midwest favorite, fried cheese curds. Being downstream from Wisconsin, one of the cheese producing meccas in America, Chicago is priveledged to have a wealth of cheese and they use it liberally. One local favorite is the cheese curd, which is known for it's spongy texture and should be eaten within hours of their manufacture. These were perfect - a nice firm cruchy breaded crust with the squeaky interior, although the honey mustard sauce was somewhat boring. I would have opted for something tomato based instead.

Now that I've visited the world of cheese curds, I'm interested in trying their Québécois cousin - poutine, which involves french fries and gravy. Anyone have a suggestion for here in NYC?

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