Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Duck Breast BLT @ Tre Dici

The first photo I took for this blog was from Tre Dici on 27th between 6th and 7th Ave. I had told my friend about their Duck Breast BLT and she was game to try it. She ordered it but I took the photo, hence the distance of the sandwich from the lens. If this is a half bad picture then I guess I owe you a 500 word explanation... Roast duck breast and cured bacon with lettuce, tomato, and a delicious walnut mayo served between two toasted slices of raisin nut bread. Now the question on everyone's lips - Can you have both duck and bacon on one sandwich? My logic would dictate that yes, bacon goes with everything. I felt the thin cured bacon didn't stand up the the portion of duck breast in this sandwich, which would have benefited from a thicker cut of smoked bacon to give it more of a substantial crunch against the soft and fatty duck breast. Yet, when do I not say that there needs to be a thicker piece of bacon on my sandwich?

The parmesan truffle oil fries served on the side were fabulous dipped into their homemade cajun mayo. As you can see from the photo, they are served in a parmesan crisp. Basically the kitchen shaved a bunch of parmesan into a cooking tray, bakes it into a malleable hot disc, and then let it cool after shaping it into a cup. This was also good dipped in mayonnaise.

I'm surprised I haven't had a heart attack yet


Heather D said...

I'm sensing a BLT theme here.

Todd said...

Here BLT stands for (something) Laurent Tourondel, who's the chef responsible.

I really need to stop with the fries for a bit, but I'm thinking that maybe having a straight up BLT with a side of duck fat fries might be the way to go.