Monday, September 22, 2008

BLFGT @ Righteous Urban BBQ

Oh, pigs. Why are you so delicious? You do the meanest stuff to us, but we always forgive you.

I recently had a craving to be surrounded by the smell of pit barbecue. Luckily, Righteous Urban Barbecue was only 2 blocks away at 23rd and 7th Ave.

Since opening in 2005, RUB (as us in the know call it) has become the NYC go-to for delicious Kansas City style burnt ends, smoked duck, and the award winning Down Home Pig Pick'n which includes a whole pig butt. The man behind the smoke is pitmaster Paul Kirk, seven-time World Barbecue Champion, Barbecue Hall of Fame inductee, and winner of enough barbecue awards to make any livestock within a five-mile radius cower. Meat is cooked in the barbecue pit at low temperature over smoke for 14 hours or more, so the smoky spicy flavor thoroughly permeates the meat.

Now with all that introduction I feel kinda sheepish saying that I went for the bacon. I've been craving house cured bacon for the entire time I've been writing this blog and knew to go directly to the source. My favorite way to sample bacon is on a BLT, but RUB offers something that trumps that: a bacon, lettuce, and fried green tomato!

The bacon is amazing. It feels like it's melting in your mouth, and has the perfect amount of crunch. The fried green tomatoes add a zesty tartness and are perfectly fried. Add in the homemade remoulade, lettuce, and toasted white bread, and you've got yourself one fine samich. I was so full I didn't even eat more than a few of the hand cut fries that they douse in rub.

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