Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sausage-Stuffed Sage Leaves @ craftbar

I know, I know. They look like cat turds with dippin' sauce, but these little guys are links of joy.

Although not in the immediate area, a friend and I stopped into craftbar at 20th and Broadway to dine under the guidance of the Top Chef of Top Chefs and have a cocktail before heading off to see a show at the Upright Citizen Brigade Theater. We bellied up to the bar to order drinks, but we were only playing coy, because we knew why we were there - to sample their Sausage-Stuffed Fried Sage Leaves.

The dish is simple and perfect. Semi-hot sausage nestled between two sage leaves, then breaded and fried to give it a subtle crushy layer. I could have ordered two more orders easily, and probably should have.

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