Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cheeseburger @ MacDonald's

It's been ten years. Ten long years. My last trip to Ray Kroc's establishment was an ironic teenage birthday party in the Mcdonald's Caboose which ended with a trip to the ball pit.

I was in Union Square last night after seeing a great show featuring bands that had their prime in the 90's and it seemed like a good idea. The golden arches seemed welcoming. It kinda went down like this. Almost like that.

Actually what happened was I ordered a cheeseburger and handed the gentleman cashier $2. My friend walked up and ordered one as well. Not knowing that I had paid for mine, he handed over $4 to the McPloyee, who put that money in the register as well. I looked the guy in the eyes and asked for the change back and he grudgingly handed over $1. I inquired about the rest and he rolled his eyes and said he'd have to asked the manager to come over and unlock the register. He then stared at me. "Well, go on" I encouraged. He waited another moment, rolled his eyes, and then finally called over the manager to get me the rest of my change.

Wall Street watch out, this young upstart's on his way...

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