Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oysters @ Marlowe & Sons

For me Marlowe & Sons represents a Southside Williamsburg haven for oysters and artisanal American cheese, but it's good to see that I'm not alone. It's where all the hipsters with $30K to drop on a SUV go as well. Nice parking spot, guys!

Last rainy Saturday night I went with a friend for a couple dozen oysters. Seriously. That's all I thought we were going to get. I crave their oysters like no other. I've begun reading about New York's rich oyster history and it's only upped my craving. Always the freshest and tastiest and served with a perfect, often imitated, never duplicated mignonette.

Afterward, we were convinced to try the deep-fried corn with rock shrimp gravy. I truly wish that we hadn't eaten it so quickly so I'd have a picture to show you, but I guess that means there's always a reason to go back. That led to something else, which led to something else...

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